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Metal Wound Gasket Buying Tips

Metal spiral wound gasket is an important sealing element. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding and other industries. It is currently the key component of static sealing of pressure piping, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and other equipment in China. Therefore, the selection and use of high-quality metal spiral wound gasket products are of great significance in reducing and eliminating running, running, dripping, and leaking, as well as ensuring the safety of the host equipment and the normal operation of the pressure pipeline. How to choose metal spiral wound gasket?

First, the following points should be noted when purchasing metal spiral wound gasket products:

1, according to working conditions, flange sealing surface type selection of spiral wound gasket.

2. Selecting the products of the production enterprises with sound and effective quality management systems, zui should use the metal spiral wound gaskets of enterprises that hold special equipment (pressure pipe components) manufacturing licenses and valid type test reports.

3. Wounds, voids, unevenness and rust spot defects affecting the sealing performance are not allowed on the surface of the metal spiral wound gasket main body. The surface of the main body of the metal spiral wound gasket should be evenly and appropriately higher than the metal band. The interlayer texture should be clear, but the metal band should not be exposed. The distance between solder joints of metal spiral wound gaskets should be uniform and there should be no defects such as unfused or over-melted. The surface of the reinforcing ring shall have no defects such as burrs, uneven or rusty spots, and the distance between the upper and lower sealing surfaces of the metal spiral wound gasket main body and the upper and lower surfaces of the reinforcing ring shall be equal. The reinforcing ring and the metal wound gasket main body shall be tightly fixed and cannot be loosened; The outer reinforcement ring and the spacer body should be positioned and loosened.

4, compression rate, rebound rate and sealing performance is an important performance index of the gasket, in general, under the premise of meeting the compression rate requirements, the higher the rebound rate the better; and in meeting the resilience standard requirements Under the premise, the test value of the compression ratio is also larger. A gasket product with good sealing performance, moderate compression ratio, and a high rebound rate should be selected.

Second, the following points should be noted when installing metal spiral wound gaskets:

1, carefully check the quality of flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets before installation, carefully check the flange or interface installation conditions, whether there is partial mouth, wrong mouth, open mouth, wrong hole and other defects.

2. The surface of the flange or seal must be cleaned. Mechanical impurities must not be adhered to the gasket surface and bolts or threads.

3, metal spiral wound gasket can not be loaded, should ensure uniform compression.

4, when tightening the nut, apply the force evenly, bolts should be symmetrically divided into 2 to 3 times to tighten, so that the metal wound gasket is pressed Uniform.