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The use of rubber sheet in daily life

Rubber is sure everyone knows, but what is a rubber plate? In fact, the rubber sheet is a sheet-like product with a thickness after being vulcanized into a rubber material. How useful is it? I think it is due to some of the characteristics of rubber sheet.
The consumption of rubber products is inseparable from the development of the industry. In industrial construction, the blanketing of rubber sheets can reduce a lot of noise, and at the same time, it can also increase the life of the machines and components. The rubber board is dense, waterproof and airtight. It is also used on windows. Using it as a density window can effectively prevent air leakage and leakage. In order to meet the needs of different users to meet the needs of different companies and their lives, rubber sheets are produced in different colors such as black, gray, green, and blue.
Nowadays, the rubber sheet is divided into insulating rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber sheet, fluorine and silicon special rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, anti-static, conductive rubber sheet, anti-slip rubber sheet, and rubber sheets of various specifications. All kinds of work needs in various industries.
The use of rubber sheets is widely used and the industry is developing rapidly. It is an indispensable resource material for all walks of life.