Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound gaskets are available in a variety of styles to suit the particular flange facing being utilized on the flanges. also provide non-round spiral wound gaskets, manhole and handhole spiral wound, and just inner & outer rings for Spiral Wound gaskets. The gasket is suitable for flange, valve, pump, heat exchange etc.

Kaxite Spiral Wound Gaskets is a premier manufacturer & Supplier of custom spiral wound gaskets in China. Kaxite’s precision-engineered spiral wound gaskets are ideal for applications that demand a gasket with the highest-quality flexibility and recovery to maintain a seal even in conditions characterized by fluctuating temperature and pressure.

Composed of a steel centering (outer) ring, a spiral wound sealing strip (filler) and an inner ring made of special steel, spiral wound gaskets are created by winding alternating strips of metal and filler material. Depending on the chemical compatibility requirements, the filler and winding material can be changed.

The spiral wound gasket depends upon the mechanical characteristics of a formed metal spiral strip, rather than the compressive virtues of more traditional gasket materials. This makes it particularly suitable for low or fluctuating bolt loads. The sealing strips, or fillers, are usually graphite, although other materials such as PTFE may be used, the windings are always s/steel. For this type of gasket to work the spiral must not be over compressed, hence one of two types of compression control is usually used.

The completed gasket is fitted into a steel ring of specific thickness. When the gasket is fitted into a flange and the bolt load is applied, flange closure is governed by the outer steel ring of the gasket. To further improve the pressure rating of the spiral wound gasket, a steel ring may be added to the inside. This also protects the windings (particularly the filler), from contamination, or attack by, the product.

The second usually compression control is not fitted to the gasket at all, but engineered into the flange. These Gaskets are called Unsupported Spiral Wound Gaskets.

To help you determine which spiral wound gasket size will best suit your needs, check out Spiral Wound  Gasket’s standard sizing charts for your reference.

KAXITE SEALS provide customized spiral wound gaskets services and products. The inventory of the whole series of spiral raw materials stock ensures the on-stop demand of spiral wound gaskets with multiple materials, eg. Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Duplex, etc.

For more than 20 years, Kaxite Gaskets has built its reputation as a leading provider of industrial gaskets by providing clients with the most effective solutions to highly demanding sealing requirements. Today, we offer a wide selection of materials and styles to provide clients with custom spiral wound gaskets that excel in extreme environments.

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