Non-asbestos Sheets

Non-Asbestos sheets also called Non-Asbestos jointing Sheets or Asbestos free jointing Sheets, The Asbestos free Jointing sheets are manufactured in various construction and materials in accordance with national & international standards. It is widely used in Automotive, Power, Refineries, Food, Petro-chemical, Sugarcane and Railways among others.
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  • Non-Asbestos Jointing Sheets are made of special non-asbestos heat-resisting Fibre, heat-resisting packing material, and special rubber compound heating and compression molding it.

  • It is made from synthetic latex, plants fiber and filling material. The production is used for position of lubrication system, which has the property of good compressibility and coefficient of resilience, in addition, the inside of gasket can properly swell to meet oil, that make up of the shortcoming that procession machining precision is not enough, which affected self-sealing.