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  • In the whole process of high-purity graphite sheets, there have been some unnecessary errors during the entire operation, bringing some extra inconvenience to production. In order to prevent this happen, the graphite plate manufacturer introduces you to the method of operating the high-purity graphite board.


  • The rubber sheet is a kneading glue made of a rubber raw material after refining rubber, and the formulation is designed according to the characteristics of the desired rubber sheet when the refining rubber sheet is designed and the product hardness required is set.


  • Conductive material, in the electrical industry, widely used graphite electrodes, brushes, electric bars, carbon tubes, and television design coatings.


  • Most of the binders for the production of crimped graphite sheets are hoping for resins, and also producing production products leng. The binder is compressed, and it is necessary to continue the graphite board, but also need to continue to develop exhibition to expand.


  • Generally speaking, the standard used in the gasket is the same as the flange. The standards commonly used include: China National Standard (GB), Machinery Industry Standard (JB / T), Chemical Industry Standard (HG), International Standard (ISO), etc.


  • 1. Sealing of the gasket: For the material of the sealing system software, the gasket does not generate a leak in a certain period of time in highly recommended temperatures and working pressure.