Non-asbestos Gaskets

Kaxite provides all types of Non-asbestos Gaskets Synthetic Fiber gasket cut from Synthetic Fiber rubber sheet. Suitable for use as an oil-resistant jointing medium for heat installations and engine sealing.

Non-Asbestos Gaskets – The removal of asbestos from the manufacturing material makes these sheets ideal for steam, oil and water sealing. 

Non-Asbestos Material
Just as Asbestos came in multiple grades, and was combined with different rubber compounds, the same is true with non-asbestos materials. Each fiber serves as a reinforcement against pressure. Non-asbestos gaskets contain one of multiple asbestos replacements.  Common non-asbestos fibers include, Aramid, Kevlar, Fiberglass, and mineral fiber.  Each fiber and elastomer combination performs differently resulting in the need for multiple non-asbestos gasket styles.

Non-Asbestos Fibre materials are so-called because they fill the gap in the range of gasket materials previously occupied by asbestos. Asbestos, although now known to be a dangerous material, had excellent heat resistance properties, which is why it was utilised so widely in high temperature applications. When asbestos was outlawed, replacement materials were needed; and so these asbestos-free, or non-asbestos, materials were developed to perform the same function, but without the corresponding danger to human health.

These materials are now commonly comprised of aramid fibre and non-organic fibres, which are in turn blended with different polymers to meet different applications: most commonly nitrile rubber, for fuel and oil resistance. These materials can also be graphite coated for non-stick and steam resistance, mixed with PTFE for excellent chemical resistance, or with EPDM for potable water applications.

Common Industries Utilising Non-Asbestos Fibre

Oil and Gas
Chemical Processing
Petrochemical Industry
Process Industry

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