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Selection of sealing gaskets

1) When selecting or ordering gaskets, you should understand the following basic data:
a, matching flange sealing surface type and size;
b. Nominal diameter of flanges and gaskets;
c. Nominal pressure of flanges and gaskets;
d, the temperature of the fluid medium;
e. The nature of the fluid medium.
2) The following factors should also be taken into account when selecting gaskets:
a, have good compression and resilience, can adapt to temperature and pressure fluctuations;
b, good plasticity, can fit well with the flange sealing surface;
c. For some metals (such as austenitic stainless steel) that have stress corrosion cracking tendency, ensure that the gasket material does not contain excessive impurities that cause various kinds of corrosion, such as controlling the chloride ion content of the gasket. Flange corrosion
d, does not contaminate the medium;
e. For seal highly toxic chemicals, it is required that the gasket should have greater safety; for the pipeline system conveying flammable liquid, the gasket is required to be used on the flange with the highest working pressure and the maximum use temperature within the limit. ;
f. It is hard to be hardened at low temperature, the shrinkage is small, it is not easy to be softened at high temperature, and the creep resistance is good;
g, good processing performance, easy installation and compaction;
h, does not bond flange sealing surface, easy removal.