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Teflon+Graphite PTFE Yarn

Graphite mat seal material is made of natural scaly graphite after special chemical treatment and heat treatment, which can keep the original characteristics of natural graphite with good sealing performance.

1. High temperature resistance and low temperature, in the non-oxidizing medium in the range of degrees Celsius, in the oxidizing medium up to 400 °C.
2. Corrosion resistance, resistance to various corrosive media, but the use of strong oxidizing media, there are certain limitations.
3. The limit pressure of the gasket is 1.33X10<59Mpa, which ensures a good seal even in the occasion of severe temperature alternation and pressure alternation.
4. Asbestos gasket often causes leakage to the liquid medium due to capillary action, and the graphite mat has good impermeability.
5. The flange sealing surface does not need to be finished, and the surface roughness as long as RA6.3mm can guarantee the sealing.
6. The gasket is soft, elastic and plastic is good, so the bolt pressing force is small. Only by gently pressing the gasket can ensure a good seal, and the installation is more convenient.
7. Non-stick stain sealing surface.

Material: Flexible graphite, stainless steel, tinplate.

Application range: Applicable pressure: 20 Mpa Applicable temperature: -200°C-870°C Applicable medium: steam, compressed air, natural gas, cracked gas, shift gas, oil product, solvent, residual oil, wax oil, oil slurry, heavy oil, propylene Caustic soda, molten salt heat carrier, acid, alkali, salt, solution, liquefied gas, water, etc.

Main application: It is used for static sealing of flange joints of various media such as pipelines, pumps, valve pressure vessels, and heat exchange equipment.

Specifications: DN10-DN900, can also be produced according to the specifications provided by the buyer