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What’s the method when the temperature of PTFE product exceeds 300 degrees


PTFE products are used as Antifuse sealing gasket of Atomic bomb with its excellent properties, during the world warⅡ, PTFE was seen as a military secret.  PTFE was taken into industry in 1946.

Compared with other plastic, PTFE products have the advantage of chemical corrosion resistance.

PTFE itself has no toxic to people, It is even used in food, beverage and other processing and production departments with strict hygiene requirements.

melting temperature of PTFE is 327 ~ 342 ℃, When the temperature is over 300 ℃ (300 ℉), PTFE has the risk of generating dangerous smoke. This may happen when you remove bearings by a welding torch. And once the PTFE sealing element was over heated, it is dangerous to remove even the sealing element is cooled. What should you do when it is over the bearing temperature?

First: wear protective glasses and gloves.

Second: the remainder of the seal shall be places in a sealed plastic container marked “corrosion material”

Third: Safety precautions should be  included in the material safety data.

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