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Anti-corrosion heat shrinkable belt characteristics

1. Excellent compatibility with pipe coating. Heat shrinkable tape anti-corrosion thermal expansion tape products are used in various types of pipe anti-corrosion coatings such as two-layer polyethylene (2PE), three-layer polyethylene (3PE), three-layer polypropylene (3PP), powder epoxy (FBE), thermal jacket and many more.

2, long service life, excellent waterproof sealing. The thermal expansion belt is composed of hot melt adhesive, radiation cross-linked polyethylene, solvent-free epoxy primer and other materials. It has excellent impact resistance and aging performance, good anti-corrosion function, fast expansion speed, hot melt adhesive shear strength and peel strength. High, strong adhesion to steel pipe, epoxy coating and PE; able to adapt to different operating temperatures, long life and the same age as the pipeline. (heat shrinkable mouthpiece)

3, the assembly is simple, fast, easy to construct. It has excellent function of use. It can be painted only by preheating to 40-60 when it is filled. It can be assembled and expanded. Maybe after the epoxy primer is cured, it will be “dry film” and then it can be highly peeled off. The intensity is very unhelpful for the efficiency of the implementation of the rights industry; at the same time, the "open" heat shrinkable belt can satisfy the request for refilling the steel pipe after welding, which brings convenience to the construction unit.

4, the use of the site is agile. A variety of pipe diameters are supplied into the heat shrinkable belt of the coil, and the size of the certificate can be cut at the site to the appropriate length.