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What should I pay attention to when applying anti-corrosion tape primer?

The pre-steps of the anti-corrosion tape primer are as follows:

1. The time interval from the surface pretreatment of the steel pipe to the application of the primer should be controlled within 6 hours. The surface of the steel pipe must be dry and dust-free.

2. The anti-corrosion tape primer should be evenly mixed in the container. When the primer is viscous and viscous, we should add a thinner that is compatible with the primer to dilute the proper viscosity. The primer can be applied using a clean brush, roller or some other mechanical means.

3, anti-corrosion tape painted on the steel pipe primer should be no leakage, no bubbles, clots and sagging defects, should form a uniform film. The thickness of the anti-corrosion tape should be greater than or equal to 30 microns. Be sure to brush carefully at the weld to avoid leaking.

Post-steps of anti-corrosion tape primer:

1. After the primer is dry (usually 5-10 minutes under normal temperature and natural air flow conditions), the anti-corrosion tape can be wrapped. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the surface drying time is long at low temperatures or during trench construction, ensuring that the lower part of the steel tube is dry.

2. The time interval between the coating of the steel pipe surface and the anti-corrosion tape should be controlled within 8 hours. The surface of the primer should be dry and dust-free (when the sand is large or the air humidity is high, it should be wrapped immediately). If it is more than 8 hours or overnight, the primer should be repainted before wrapping the anti-corrosion tape.

3, when using anti-corrosion tape primer, should pay attention to safety, to prevent splashing, and should be kept away from fire. After the primer is used, the remaining primer should be poured back into the original iron container and the container should be sealed to prevent the waste of the primer from being wasted.

4, anti-corrosion tape Primer is usually used in two ways, different methods use different amounts.