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What is the development potential of the sealing industry?

After the window glass is damaged, replace the glass with the same curvature as the original window glass, and check the glass guide groove and the sealing strip for damage. Since the window often fails to return to its original shape after being repaired, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted, it is also necessary to pay attention to the tightness around the window glass after the window is closed.

Instead of plastic paper, the sealing film is then compacted and finally assembled for interior trim.
When wiring the car, all the holes in the body hole and the hole in the hole should be put in place, because these seals not only serve to seal, but also protect the wire harness. If the seal is damaged or the harness can be rotated or swayed in the seal, replace the seal and secure it with the body hole and hole to secure the harness.