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The origin of rubber and the composition of rubber sheets

Rubber is also used as a strap for bolting a wooden handle to a stone or metal appliance, as well as a filler for the handle.

Natural rubber comes from the most commercially available rubber for the trefoil tree. It secretes a lot of sap rich in rubber emulsion when it is hurt. In addition, fig trees and some plants of the family Polygonaceae can also supply rubber.

During the Second World War, Germany was blocked by the supply of rubber. It was tested to obtain rubber from these plants, but later it was changed to produce artificial rubber. The beginning of the rubber tree is good in South America, but through artificial transplantation, there are many rubber trees in Southeast Asia.

In fact, Asia has become the most important rubber source. Rubber made from yoghurt can reduce sensitivity. Other rubber-related materials Although more than half of the rubber is artificial, natural rubber is still important in some areas, such as the automotive and military industries.

Application: The working medium is dilute acid, dilute alkali or strong acid, strong alkali and other chemicals. It is generally made of rubber such as NR, CR, EPDM and fluororubber. Used as an acid and alkali resistant liner, liner and apron. Neoprene sheet is used for punching all kinds of oil-resistant oil seals, seals, rings, and worktables, floors, electronic products and heat aging places that are in contact with greases. It has good sealing and swelling resistance.