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Do you know the introduction of cork rubber sheet?

Rubber cork is made from a selection of fine cork granules with various nitrile rubbers and other ancillary materials. Rubber cork has a higher compression and resilience than ordinary cork and is an excellent sealing material.

The product has been proved by experiments that it has very good anti-vibration effect in use, easy to use and safe; and non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting and non-aging; it can be wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, oil-resistant and dilute acid. Under the external environment changes of temperature, humidity, pressure and sunlight, air, frost, etc., it does not deform, does not deteriorate, and has stable performance. It is a new type of high-grade static seal and gasket material under low and medium pressure requirements.

It can be used as a machine seal to resist oil, acid and alkali, pressure and high temperature. As a wear-resistant wiper, it is used for conveyor belts and brake pads, etc. It has good wear resistance. Rubber cork can also be used for shock, shock absorption and sound insulation.