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Metal winding gasket installation method

In some devices, metal wound gaskets are used to achieve a better sealing effect.

1. Steps must first confirm that the steel strip, core and graphite are in line with the requirements for the material, specifications, and quality of the wound mat. Check to see if the top wheel meets the requirements, and if the tailstock position is appropriate, and adjust it.

2. After everything is confirmed, put the core into the mandrel in the mold. Pull out the metal gasket through the bolt and insert the gap into the gap. Operate the cylinder valve so that the top wheel can withstand the core. Operate the foot switch and wrap the inner circle three times; then pull out the PTFE band or graphite band and place it in the desired size.
Finally, PTFE or graphite is cut off, the empty steel strip is wound three times to the required outer diameter, the steel strip is cut, and then one or two turns are turned on. Solder the tail of the steel strip and operate the manual valve to return the top wheel. Shake the right hand wheel to leave the right mold, take out the product, knock out the mold core, weld the inner ring of the product firmly, and complete the operation process.

3. After the installation is completed, check whether all the items are present, and then attach the handwheel handle, the steel plate rack, and the air cylinder removed during transportation. Place the machine in a stable place, switch on the gas source, operate the cylinder valve, check whether the ejector shaft movement is flexible, operate the foot switch, and let the machine run to see if there is any abnormality.