RX Ring Joint Gasket

RX Ring Joint Gasket

RX Ring Joint Gasket are for oilfield and process industry duties. > RX gaskets are designed for pressures up to 15,000 PSI. > RX types of gaskets are more costly then Oval and Octagonal rings. > RX type gaskets perform excellent in API 6B flanged.

Model:KXT 820

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RX Ring Joint Gasket


RXRing Joint Gasket refers to the metal gasket of RX-shaped section by processing metal materials.

It is of pressure energized seal in radial direction, and the pressure is up to 700bar. When the gasket

is used, the outside seal face is contacted with the flange firstly, and the high system pressure will

produce the high base stress. RX Ring Joint Gasket is developed and improved in the basis of "R" series

metal ring gasket and is one special kind of octagonal metal ring gaskets. It has good sealing as the

contact between gasket and the ring joint faces, especially the outside face, and is pressed tightly to

keep good sealing performance.




Ring Joint Gaskets have an oval cross section and an octagonal cross section. These basic shapes are used in

pressures up to 10,000 psi. The dimensions are standardized and require specially grooved flanges. octagonal

cross section has a higher sealing efficiency than the oval and would be the preferred gasket. However, only the

oval cross sections can be used in the old type round bottom groove. The newer flat bottom groove design will

accept either the oval or the octagonal cross section. For the sealing surfaces on the ring joint grooves must be

smoothly finished to 63 micro inches and to be free of objectionable ridges, tool or chatter marks. They seal by

an initial line contact or a edging action as the compressive forces are applied. The hardness of the ring should

always be less than the hardness of the flanges to prevent flange deformation.

Dimensions for API ring joint gaskets and grooves are covered in ASME B16.20 and API6A

KAXITE stocks a wide range of sizes and materials ready for immediate shipment from R11 to R105. Stock

materials include large variety of metals


BX Ring gasket

The BX ring gasket differs from the standard oval or octagonal shape since it is square in cross section and tapers

in each corner. They can only be used in API 6BX flanges. BX is used at pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Standard sizes are stocked in low carbon steel, 304 and 316.


RX Ring gasket

RX ring gaskets are similar in shape to the standard octagonal ring joint gasket but their cross section is designed

to take advantage of the contained fluid pressure in effecting a seal. They are both made to API 6A and interchangeable

with standard octagonal rings for oil field drilling and production applications in API 6B flanges. RX is used at pressures

up to 15,000 psi. Standard sizes are stocked in low carbon steel, 304 and 316.



Type SRX and SBX gaskets per API 17D for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment are vented to prevent pressure

lock when connections are made up underwater. They have identical measurements to RX and BX ring gaskets with

the same numberdesignation, and they will fit the same corresponding connectors. The "S" indicates these gaskets

have cross-drilled holes,as fluid entrapment in the ring groove can interfere with proper make up underwater (subsea).

With the vent hole, any water trapped between a ring groove bottom and the sealing area of the gasket can escape

to the equipment I.D. bore. Material per spec is defined as a corrosion resistant alloy.

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