Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket

Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket

Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket Without reinforced metal inside.> Standard grade: 98% pure exfoliated graphite.> Widest temperature range.> Very easy to cut, although large gaskets may need support carriage and fitting.

Model:KXT 700

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Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket

Style KXT 700 Pure Expanded Graphite Gasket

Flexible graphite compound gasket is die-cut from pure graphite plate or reinforced graphite compound plate.

With its excellent resistance to corrosion and high & low temperature, fine elastic resilience and strong strength,

it is a sealing element used for pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, etc.

It can also be cut into some complex shapes, like water level gasket with bolt hole flange



• Excellent sealing performance

• Self-lubricating

Ideal for use with chemicals

• Thermal stability

• Non-fragility

• Corrosion resistance 



Flange surface sealing of pipeline

Chemical manufacturing industries

Valve and pump

Pressure containers

Heat exchanger


Flexible grafite composite sheet gasket:

Name Construction Pressure(Mpa) Temperature(℃)
In Oxidizing
Pure graphite sheet 3 -240-400 -240-1650
Dash high strength sheet 5 -240-450 -10-450(CS)
Flat high strength sheet 5 -240-450 -240-560(SS304)

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