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Advantages of PTFE beaker


  The PTFE beaker has excellent chemical stability. A PTFE beaker will not undergo any chemical reaction

even if exposed to strong acids, alkalis, and strong oxidants for long periods of time under high temperatures. PTFE has excellent dielectric properties, and its dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent change with temperature. Non-absorbent, electrical properties are not affected by frequency, is an ideal class C insulation material; PTFE has a wide range of use temperature, long-term use at -180 °C ~ 260 °C, no effect on performance. The PTFE  beaker features:  

1. A PTFE  beaker has good chemical resistance and can resistant to almost all chemical solvents (strong acids, alkalis, aqua regia and various organic solvents).

2. The appearance of pure white, the use of temperature -200 ~ +250 °C, 300 degrees short-term on a hot plate for a short term.

3. Low temperature resistance: 5% elongation at -196°C.

4. Need to be used on asbestos web, not directly exposed to flame, used for digestion of samples, acid, boiled, evaporated, etc.

5. Highly lubricated: the lowest coefficient of friction in solid materials.

6. Non-adhesion: No adhesion to any substance; strong self-lubrication: Friction coefficient 0.04 in solid materials.

7. Non-toxic: It is physiologically inert and can be implanted in human body; Anti-aging can be used in the atmosphere for a long time.

8. Anti-pollution: low metal element blank value, lead content less than 10-11 g/ml, uranium content less than 10-12 g/ml.

9. Anti-leakage: falling from a height of 1.2 meters above the ground, the bottle does not break, the cap does not fall off, no damage leakage