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Metal spiral wound gasket types:A,B,C,D,E,F


Metal spiral wound gasket types:
(A) basic type metal wound mat
(B) with the outer ring metal wound mat
(C) with a metal spiral wound pad
(D) with internal and external metal wound mats
(E) heat exchanger (with ribs)
(F) shaped metal wound mat
Metal spiral wound gasket (basic type) is made of high quality SUS304, SUS316 ("V" shape or "W" shape) metal strip and other alloy materials and graphite, asbestos, PTFE, And, at the beginning and the end of the metal with a fixed spot welding.
Metal strip material
A. The thickness of 0.15mm ~ 0.25mm 08F, 0Cr13, 0Cr18Ni19Ti, 0Cr18Ni9Ti, 00Cr18Ni10, 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 00Cr17Ni14Mo2, 201,304,316 and other cold-rolled strip, or by both parties to determine the supply and demand.
B. The metal tape is preformed V or W type narrow band, the surface should be smooth. Clean, there should be no roughness. Cracks. Scratches. Pit and rust and other defects C. Stainless steel hardness HV≤200
D. General strip width is 3.2mm, 4.5mm, 8mm, W-type strip can be thicker.
Non-metallic belt material
A. non-metallic filling as a special asbestos tape, flexible graphite tape, PTFE tape, non-asbestos fiber tape, ceramic fiber and mica tape. The thickness of the tape is 0.3-1.0 mm.
B. Special asbestos loss must be ≤ 25%
C. Non-metallic belt chloride ion content ≤ 100PPM
D. Various media and various non-metallic belt recommended temperature and pressure
E. General strip width is 3.2mm, 4.5mm, 8mm
3. Inner and outer ring material