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Where is the rubber sheet used?

In the industrial industry, rubber sheets are mainly used for anti-corrosion, wear-resistance and impact-resistant protection of their equipments and devices. Rubber sheets such as thermal power plant desulfurization systems and water treatment anti-corrosion are mainly used for anti-corrosion, while rubber sheets in mining are mainly wear-resistant. Impact-resistant protection of its equipment and related piping equipment can extend the service life of its equipment. The cultural education system is generally used for printing plates.

Rubber sheets are used in a wide range of applications. Different rubber sheets are selected for different working conditions. Different environments and actual use requirements have different alternative processes. For example, the rubber sheets used in the on-site construction process are cooked rubber sheets. Or self-vulcanized rubber sheet, when the ambient temperature is too high, the vulcanization tank is generally vulcanized and vulcanized to improve the temperature resistance of the rubber sheet. The construction conditions and working conditions of the rubber sheet are required by Hengshui Yifeng Technology Co., Ltd. In-depth, especially for some more practical technologies, especially for mining and thermal power plants with short inspection time and high requirements for rubber sheet wear resistance, the on-site cold-adhesive technology research is deeper, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise. Increased life expectancy.