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Some Reasons for Aging of Rubber Seal Strip


The aging problem of rubber sealing strips has always been a problem that plagued the sealing strip industry. At present, the application of rubber in the sealing strip industry is still very wide, so solving the aging problem of rubber is still very important for the development of the sealing strip industry. At the same time, the problem of aging is the most important factor affecting the sealability of the seal.

The aging of rubber mainly refers to the cracking, hardening, discoloration, and cracking of the rubber that occurs during the use or storage of rubber.

The main factor affecting the aging of seals is the natural environment:

First, the effects of oxygen, ozone, and other air components are mainly caused by the occurrence of oxidation reactions that break the molecular chains of rubber, but the degree of influence of ozone and oxygen is not the same, and the ozone is more destructive to oxidation.

Second, the impact of light and moisture, which is a key factor in accelerating aging, the moisture in the air is the necessary conditions to cause the rubber to soften, and light is the main factor to promote its discoloration, long-term sunlight can easily deform the rubber soften.

Third, the influence of temperature and temperature on rubber is still relatively large. The main reason is that if the rubber hardens in the cold winter, the rubber will break, and the hot summer will soften the rubber.

The above points are the most important factors that cause the aging of rubber seals. Therefore, when the seals are to be maintained, they should mainly start from the aspects of waterproofing, insulating air and heat preservation.