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How to install PTFE gasket? What precautions?

The installation method of the PTFE gasket is different depending on the type of the machine and the type of the machine, but the installation methods are the same. The steps and precautions for installing the PTFE gasket are as follows:

1. Before the PTFE gasket is installed, the shaft (shaft sleeve) and the gland have no burrs. The bearing condition is very good; the seal, shaft, seal chamber and gland must be cleaned. In order to reduce frictional resistance, a thin layer of oil should be applied to the shaft where the mechanical seal is to be installed. Considering the compatibility of the rubber O-ring, if it is not suitable to use oil, apply soapy water.
2. Install the stationary ring and the gland together on the shaft, taking care not to collide with the shaft, and then install the moving ring assembly. The set screws of the spring seat or the drive seat should be evenly tightened several times.
3, PTFE gasket installation size to determine the installation, according to the product's instructions or samples to ensure the installation of mechanical seal size.

Above to share the steps and precautions for PTFE gasket installation, we should pay attention to these aspects when using PTFE gaskets.