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The surface of the HDPE rod is smooth, the texture is delicate and shiny, and the high-quality raw materials are selected. The cut surface of the product has no bubbles and no cracks. After the test, the surface is still smooth, no potholes, stable mechanical properties, and good water repellency. Corrosion, good toughness and shock resistance, suitable for processing multiple mechanical parts, stable performance and long service life.


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The operating temperature of HDPE rod is 100-110°C, the cold resistance is good, and it can be used below -269°C. The molecular weight is 2-9 million. Its high molecular weight gives it low-wear performance and will not deform, which is higher than other metal materials, It is not easy to wear and has good comprehensive performance, light weight, acid and alkali salt corrosion resistance, and UV resistance without aging. It is an excellent product for impact resistance and wear resistance.
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