Rubber O Rings

Rubber O Rings

Rubber O Rings are designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating as a seal at the interface. O-rings are one of the most common seals used in machine design. They are easy to make, reliable and have simple mounting requirements.

Model:KXT 1710

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Rubber O rings is a rubber parts with a round cross-section used as a static seal or gasket. We have over 15 years experience

producing o rings, which made according to china GB standard for chinese market,and also international standard of AS 568A a

nd JIS B2401 for oversea market. We have various materials and hardness for customer's option, include  FKM, Nitrile, Silicone,

EPDM, ACM, Butyl, Flour Silicone, Alfas, Polyurethane, HNBR Neoprene etc.

Size: ID2mm-1500mm,We can make Mini orings which used on lighter, for example 1.2(ID)*0.6(C/S), 0.8(ID)*0.7(C/S).

Colours: White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown.

Hardness : Shore A 30-90

Tolerance: Can be +/-0.01mm

O  Rings In Stock

1 NBR 70° 2.35*0.65
2 NBR 70° 1.6*0.7
4 NBR 70° 4.5*0.8
5 NBR 70° 5.1*0.8
6 NBR 70° 6.2*0.8
7 NBR 70° 2*1
8 NBR 70° 2.4*1
9 NBR 70° 2.8*1


Nitrile(NBR, Buna-N) O rings
AS568 standard O ring

The most common elastomer Used For Industrial Grade O-Rings,Metric and Inch are available.
oil-resisting property better than other O rings,commpatible With Most Mineral Based Hydraulic Fluids
With A Working Temperature Range From -40°C To 120°C.

Viton(FKM/FPM) O rings

Viton(FPM) rubber O rings

Excellent resistance to petroleum products and other chemical fluids. Very good high-temperature performance. Fluorocarbon

elastomers make up the most widely used seals in the automotive industry.
With A Working Temperature Range From -40°C To 220°C

Silicon O rings

It is commonly used in home applicance,like cooker,heater,mixer,food processer,it is non-reactive, stable, and resistant to

temperatures from −55 °C to +300 °C,and have competitive price.

We have FDA catalog d O ring,it is non-toxic food grade.

EPDM O rings

This o rings is excellent resistance to weathering and ozone, water and steam, with good performance in castor and some phosphate

ester based fluids.

Neoprene O rings

Good aging characteristics in ozone and weather environments, along with abrasion and flex cracking resistance.
Can be compounded for service temperatures of -40°C to + 130°C

Butyl O rings, Aflas O rings

Butyl o rings is one of the most robust o rings. Butyl rubber is a harder and less porous material than other elastomers, such as

natural rubber or silicone, but still has enough elasticity to form an airtight seal.

Aflas o rings is excellent resistance to acids, bases, water and amines. Widely used in oil fields,

A unique fluoroelastomer based on a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and propylene (P) was developed by

Asahi Glass (Japan) and sold under the AFLAS trade name.

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