Injectable Sealant

Injectable Sealant

Injectable sealant is a carefully controlled blend of high-tech greases and lubricant combined with modern fibers resulting in a superior product. Unlike braided packing, no cutting is necessary. It will conform to any sizes stuffing box and seal it.

Model:KXT IJ900

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Injectable Sealant:

Kaxite PLRSRERTM Injectable packing unique properties assure superior performance and deliver major benefits resulting in improved

plant and equipment maintenance at reduced cost. Its ability to fill any crevice makes it an effective seal on worn or grooved shaft sleeves. 


It requires no cooling of flush water. The operating costs of wasted water and product are eliminated. It will run leak free. Its low friction

coefficient means equipment runs cooler, consumes less energy and last longer.

Kaxite IJ900B -- Black Injectable Packing
Kaxite IJ900W -- White Injectable Packing
Kaxite IJ900Y -- Yellow Injectable Packing


Prime Features
Prevents Leakage
Lower operating cost
Reduces maintenance time and costs
Save energy
Reduces shaft and sleeve wear
Extends equipments
Reduces or eliminates downtime


Technical Data

Style IJ900B IJ900W IJ900Y
Color Black White Yellow
Temperature -8~+180 -18~+200 -20~+230
Pressure Bar 8 10 12
Shaft speed m/sec 8 10 15
PH Range 4~13 2~13 1~14
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