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The Classification of sealing products

Sealing can be divided into static and dynamic sealing sealed two categories. 
Static sealing the main pad sealed, sealant seals and direct contact sealed three categories. 
Under pressure, static sealing can be divided into static in the low-voltage and high-voltage static sealing sealed. Commonly used in low-voltage static sealing material wider than the width of the soft pad sealed, high-pressure static sealing material used hard contact with a very narrow width of the metal pads. 
Dynamic Sealing rotary sealing and can be divided into two basic types reciprocating seal. 
According to seal their relative movement of the contact parts can be divided into contact and non-contact sealing seal; according to seal and contact position can be divided into circular sealing and seal, the seal is also known as mechanical seals. Dynamic seal and the seal of centrifugal spiral seal is to use machines running at medium power to be sealed, it is sometimes called dynamic seal. 
     According to the type of sealing structure, sealing mechanism, the shape and sealing materials, sealing the classification: 
A static sealing 
    1. Pad sealed 
      (1) non-metallic gaskets 
      (2) non-metallic - metal gaskets Portfolio 
      (3) metal gaskets
    2. Sealed plastic 
    3. Packing seal 
    4. Bellows 
The dynamic seal 
    1. Type contact Dynamic Sealing 
      (1) Seal 
      (2) Up Ring Seal 
      (3) mechanical seals 
      (4) hard packing seal 
      (5) soft packing seal 
      (6) Molding sealed 
      (7) sealed dust 
    2. Non-contact type dynamic seal 
      (1) Full-sealed closed 
      (2) magnetic liquid seal 
      (3) Floating-ring seal 
      (4) labyrinth seal 
      (5) spiral seal 

      (6) sealed centrifugal